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S01 E01 Introduction Part 1 - To be Holy ... is to Love

In this episode, I address the What & the Why of the Setting Apart Podcast; Whom it is for, and the genesis of which. From Scripture, we know that to be "holy" is to be "set-apart." The question then becomes: What does Holiness really mean? And how do we get there?

Taking a deep dive into the Biblical roots of Holiness, I kick off with 3 Bible verses, 3 paras from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), examine a couple of quotes from a couple of Saints, pick the wisdom of some church fathers along the way, and reflect on them.

This is a big topic. But one that is fundmentally important for us to get a good foundation on ... as it relates to our Dignity & Identity as Children of God.

S01 E02 Introduction Part 2 - Perfection in Love

In this episode: we are still on the theme of Holiness – where we take a deep dive into Prayer. In particular, how does Prayer fit into the grand scheme of Holiness? How can we be Perfected in Love?

These are the 2 main areas we shall unpack in this episode.

S01 E03 Introduction Part 3 - The Gift of Baptism in Holiness

In this concluding episode of the introduction series, let’s take a closer look at Baptism as it relates to our call to “holiness.” What I want to know is … How is that we are called to be “holy” in Baptism? And why is Baptism so powerful?

We explore St Paul's theology in Baptism by unpacking Romans 6:3-11, seeking insights.

S01 E04 Saved by Grace

In this episode, praying with Lectio Divina, I dig deep and reflect on my 3 near death experiences that go way back when .... The Scripture Reading that inspired my reflection is John 20:19-23. In particular, verse 19 reveals 4 takeaways about God to me.

S01 E05 Invitation to Faith

In this episode, I get to share a couple of heartwarming testimonies and my reflection based on the Gospel of John, Jn 6:41-47. In particular, I get to examine and meditate on Evangelization and Actual Grace leading to an Invitation to Faith by Jesus, using the prayer of Lectio Divina.

S01 E06 My Lord & My God

In this episode, I recount my Road to Conversion - how my father's conversion intricately links to mine, quite unexpectedly. I also get to share an enlightening testimonial citing Hebrews 10:24-25 - what a gift! The testimony fits into this episode's theme seamlessly. All my reflections are based on John 20:24-29, meditating on the "Seeing and Believing" of the apostle St. Thomas, using Lectio Divina.

S01 E07 Faith of Community - Do Intercessiona Work?

In this episode, my reflection takes me back to my College Days in Canada. In fact, it picks up from after my car accident on the bridge (Ep.4 "Saved by Grace"). This reflection made the difference for me in taking the Leap of Faith in my discernment - years later ,,, to be or not to be baptised. The reflection is based on Mk 2:1-12 using the prayer of Lectio Divina.

S01 E08 How Deep is God's Love?

Being the omnipotent God, was it necessary for God to send His only beloved Son to the world to save the world? And was it necessary for Jesus to go through His passion and death to save us?

In this episode, my reflection is based on Jn 3:16-18 using the prayer of Lectio Divina. Taking a deep dive on the magnitude of God's Love for us, I also defer to the wisdom of St Thomas Aquinas from the Suma Theologica.

S01 E09 How Deep is God's Love? II

Is God’s Love for us conditional or unconditional? Does it come with any strings attached? If God’s Love for us is unconditional, can anything separate us from the Love of Christ? By examining these questions, it forms the framework/basis for me to decide whether I should take the leap of faith in converting to Christianity. This is part 2 of “How Deep is God’s Love?”

S01 E10 So Many Calls, So Llittle Time?

In this episode, I wanna take a stab in addressing the following question: Have you wondered why we are called to be so many things? We are called to be Holy, first and foremost; and it seems we are also called to be Priest, Prophet and King. Are you overwhelmed by the different callings? How is it that we are called to be so many things? Are they even Biblical or Tradition?

S01 E11 Messenger of God

Continuing from the last episode, where I unpacked our Priestly Office by virtue of our baptism, I unpack the Prophetic Office of our calling in this episode. A Prophet is the Messenger of God. And I reflect on 3 main talking points: 1) Truth & Authority, 2) Calling & Mission, and 3) Call to be Faithful. As usual, my reflections are based on Sacred Scripture, the CCC and Bible Scholars in accordance to the authority of the Magisterium Church.

S01 E12 The King & I

In this episode, we wrap up the Kingly Office as the last of the Trilogy for the laity. What does it mean for Baptized Christians to participate in Christ’s Kingly Office? And what does that look like in practice? That is what we are going to explore in “The King & I.”

The Scripture passage that inspired "the King & I" is from Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14. The Scripture passage that glues the entire reflection on the Priest, Prophet & King Trilogy is from Isaiah 50:4-9.

Catch you in Season 2 on Jan.6 2022 (Thursday). Thank you & God Bless!

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