Life Giving Words

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"Thanks for this Easter Gift from you! It is very good and reminds me of the God Minute (podcast)."

Arlene, Singapore

"You have a wonderful voice! So perfect and professional! Excellent job! Looking forward to more. Many thanks!"

Lisa & Leonard, Canada

"Bro I listened to the setting apart podcast. It's a marvellous caption encapsulating everything what a simple Christian like me should know. To love is to will the good of the other -St Thomas Aquinas is a good takeaway amongst others.

Starting with Holiness and it's fruit is Love is a powerful proclamation. You made good references to Scripture and CCC rightly, softly professing the Catholic doctrinal line that you want to share, Lectio Divina and quotes from the Saints. Paul's address to ex pagans in Corinth as Saints simply expresses what it means for anyone to be a Saint.

Bro the Holy Spirit has gifted you the grace to spread the Gospel message thru media. May His Blessed Mother guide your every step to produce more...."

Augustine M., Singapore

"Good stuff ... keep it up."

Uma R-C.,

"Episode 2 very well explained...your podcast came in at the right time... I want to share with my stylist who discovered God quite recently. I don't want to scare him off but will do so gently."

Rebecca C.,

Setting Apart Podcast

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