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S02 E01 Introduction

Welcome back to Season 2!

In this episode, I share the new structure and rationale for the Season 2, and some of things I do to get the most out of listening to the Word of God. As a bonus, I also get to share a heartwarming conversion testimony from a listener -- Praise the Lord!

S02 E02 Fidelity to God (Tb Ch.1)

In this episode, we begin our journey into the 7 deuterocanonical books, starting with with the Book of Tobit, Chapter 1. The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible online version taken from the USCCB website: I use the prayer of Lectio Divine for my reflections.

S02 E03 Do unto others (Tb Ch.2)

In this episode, I reflect on 3 key themes from Tobit chapter 2 : 1) Obedience to the father, 2) Why we are called to be charitable? 3) Tobit's Spiritual Blindness; and how we can relate to each one of them in our present day. My reflection is based on the prayer of Lectio Divina.

S02 E04 Blinded yet Chosen (Tb Ch.3)

In this epidode, I reflect on Tobit Chapter 3 using the prayer of Lectio Divina. 2 key themes emerged from my reflection: 1) Be humble -- no matter how righteous or how pious we may think we are, the devil will pounce on our weakness to tempt us every chance he gets. 2) Prayer is our personal relationship with God. We would do well to learn how to pray from Tobit and Sarah. In the words of St Augustine, "The Prayer ascends, and God’s Mercy descends."

S02 E05 Have Eyes and Not See? (Tb Ch.4)

In Tobit Ch.4, I find some of the most profound teachings in the Bible. Using the prayer of Lectio Divina, here are my 3 key takeaways:

3 key takeaways:

  1. Faith & Tradition -- part of our call to evangelization: not only to non-believers, but also to believers.

  2. Almsgiving -- this is one of the main themes of the Book of Tobit. What are the Works of Mercy? Who should we model ourselves after in almsgiving? If almsgiving can expiate sins, why did Tobit become blind?

  3. "Have you eyes and do not see?" Mk 8:18; Is 44:18

Check out St Augustine's 'perceptive' insights in this episode!

S02 E06 Guardian Angel (Tb Ch.5)

Tobit is the only time in Scripture that we meet the Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God Heals.” It is also the only time we get to see an angel up close and personal in the Bible. In this episode, we unpack the following questions:

What are Angels? What is the purpose of their existence? What are their roles in the Salvation History? And in our lives?

To answer these questions, I turn to the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the CCC, as well as insights from St Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, in his Treatise on Angels, from his Summa Theologica.

S02 E07 Soulmate, Marriage & Spirituality (Tb Ch.6)

In Tobit Chapter 6, Tobiah and Rapahel set out on their adventure to call on Tobit's loan from Raguel in Ecbatana. Along the way, Raphael shows Tobiah how to survive a fish attack on the River Tigris, plays cupid to him. Little did Tobiah know that he is getting married to Sarah, daughter of Raguel, on top of collecting the silver for his father.

In this episode, we get to examine the different senses of interpreting Scripture, unpack the teachings of predestination and soulmate, marriage and spirituality from the Magisterium Church. All the big topics in the Bible.

S02 E08 Connecting the dots ... (Tb Ch1-6)

Announcement: We are taking a short break after this episode. Regular podcasting shall resume on June 2, 2022 (Thursday).

In this episode, take a moment to reflect on the lessons learned from Tobit Ch.1-6. Connect the dots to the New Testament or the Gospel ... to examine the analogy of faith for the entire Bible; and to reflect on how the lessons learned might be applicable to your circumstances. And going forward, how can we do better in walking with Christ?

S02 E09 Christian Virtues 101 (Tb Ch.7)

The Book of Tobit, Chapter 7 reveals yet another virtuous man -- Raguel. What are his virtues? What purpose do they serve? What message is Scripture revealing to us? In this episode, I take a closer look at Virtue, and reflect on it from a Christian perspective.

S02 E10 3 Days & Virtues? (Tb Ch.8)

In this episode, we move from Moral Virtues to Theological Virtues and connect them primarily to Ch. 7 & 8 of Tobit. In Ch.8, Tobiah has been instructed to pray with Sarah for 3 days and 3 nights before consummating their marriage. Why 3 days? What is the significance of "3 days" in Scripture? Stay tuned all the way to the end as we uncover the important Theological Implication of the 3-day timeline.

S02 E11 Money, Money, Money!!! (Tb Ch.9)

In Ch.9 of this episode, we shall see that Tobiah’s “faith” in Raphael has deepened into “trust.” We also get to unpack some of the richness in signs & symbols in the Book of Tobit: 1) What does the marriage of Tobiah & Sarah symbolize? 2) What does the money in Ch.9 symbolize? 3) What is the significance of the seal on the moneybags in verse 5 of Tb 9?

S02 E12 Worrying over nothing? (Tb Ch.10)

In this episode, Tobiah is finally making his way home. Menawhile, his parents are worried and getting more anxious by the day not knowing why the delay. Here are some of my reflections:

1) Recall the times when we were caught between our faith and blindness, just like Tobit in Ch.10? How were the matters resolved?

2) How deep is your faith that God provides for our needs?

3) What does Jesus mean in Mt 6:24, "No one can serve two masters." Is Jesus denying the reality of our human needs?

4) How is Marriage the image of God's love?

S02 E13 Are we blind? (Tb Ch.11)

In this episode, the two themes/ideas that struck me the most from reading Tobit Chapter 11 are: 1) Reaction of the father, and 2) Tobit's blindness. The Suscipe Prayer from St Ignatius Loyola is the closing prayer.

S02 E14 Test & Exhortation (Tb Ch.12)

God is omniscient - He knows our inmost heart. Why then does God test us when He knows us better than we do? In this episode, the Book of Tobit, Ch.12 reveals the insight to the question and more.

S02 E15 How to move forward when tested? (Tb Ch.13)

In this episode, to address the question, How to move forward when tested?

I reflect on some key questions from the Book of Tobit:

  1. Can a sin, and hence its punishment, be passed down from one generation to another?

  2. How does "original sin" transmit to us from Adam & Eve?

  3. How should we move forward wth suffering?

  4. How do we minister those who are suffering?

S02 E16 Fear and Burial (Tb Ch.14 - Finale)

In this Season Finale, I unpack 2 key questions revolving Life and Death for Christians from Tobit Ch.14:

  1. 1) What does the “fear of the Lord” mean to you today? In what ways is it a virtue, and how does it fulfil the New Covenant?

  2. 2) What is the significance of a "proper burial?” What is the purpose of a funeral? How does the deceased and the living benefit from it? And what expressions of Hope should be evident at a funeral for Christians?

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