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"I listened to it (ep. #6). Very good. God is always on your side, even though you were a late bloomer on becoming a Catholic. I like (the) way, you added Scripture to your podcasts. As in (the) bible, your word is a lamp to your feet (and) light to my path. May the Holy Spirit inspire you in future sessions.

Thank you for being God’s instrument to all of us."

Valarie T. (part 2), Singapore

"Enjoyed your podcast (ep. #6). God bless!"

Jeff L
., Singapore

"Just finished listening to your conversion story (ep. #6) and what struck me was this: very often we talk about intergenerational sins, and how kids end up making the same mistakes their parents did due to the upbringing etc.; but here in your case, we see how God has used parental lineage to bring about an encounter. God graciously used your dads experience as a seed towards your encounter and because it was personal you knew that it was from God ... it is profound because it also shows what responsibility parents/teachers/mentors (basically any Christian) has on younger people under their charge.

So praise God for this. And not just younger people but towards anyone God puts on our path. Evangelization at its best! We just do our small part and God will do the heavy lifting."

Damien S., Singapore

"Good Morning (IP), Thank you for sharing your story (ep. #6) ... another inspiring episode. I just felt compelled to share...

I thank your parents for playing their part in your conversion... because their conversion planted a seed of curiosity in you. I thank your Dad for sharing his story for his story planted a seed in you which would years later stir your memory and convict your heart. In the same regard, you are now sowing seeds in other through your honest and heartfelt sharing of faith.😉

Oh, and thank you for sharing our president's story which touched me... a truly inspiring hero he was."

Suzanne J. (part 2), Singapore

"I have my auto - alert from Apple podcast. Will never miss any episode. Thank you! Keep up with the great work!"

Lisa & Leonard
(part 2), Canada

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