S02 E02 Fidelity to God (Tobit Ch.1)


In this episode, we begin our journey into the 7 deuterocanonical books, starting with with the Book of Tobit, Chapter 1. The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible online version taken from the USCCB website: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/tobit/1. I use the prayer of Lectio Divine for my reflections.

In Chapter 1, Tobit strikes me of his extraordinary Faith to God (1:3). And his Good Deeds are grounded in his Love of God -- "Loving God with all of his mind." (1:12) Even though some of his Good Works brought about personal tragedies (1:19-20); in the end, through the Grace of God, Tobit is restored from his tragedies (1:21-23).

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Show Notes

Reflection Questions

  1. How to you express your Love for God?

  2. Ho well do you keep God's Commandments in today's world?

  3. Do you keep your faith to yourself? Or do you live your faith in your community?

  4. Tobit goes out of his ways to worship God in Jerusalem ... how hard do you seek & worship God in your life?

  5. How do you feel when you offer aid to those in need?

  6. How do you know if God is present with you?

  7. What are the blessings you have received from God?

References made in this episode

Bible Verses ( in the order of citation)

  1. Psalms 119:130

  2. Tobit 1:3, 4-6, 11-12, 19-20, 21-23

  3. Mathew 4 - Jesus begins His public ministry in Capernaum

  4. Proverb 19:17

  5. Isaiah 58:10; 62

  6. Luke 9:23; 14:13-14

  7. Mathew 25 - parable of the Sheep & the Goat

Other Resource/Adaptation Links

  1. New American Bible

  2. Simple Bible Study Guide - Tobit

  3. Tobit - Ignatius Catholic Bible Study

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