S02 E04 Blinded yet Chosen (Tobit Ch.3)


In this epidode, I reflect on Tobit Chapter 3 using the prayer of Lectio Divina. 2 key themes emerged from my reflection: 1) Be humble -- no matter how righteous or how pious we may think we are, the devil will pounce on our weakness to tempt us every chance he gets. 2) Prayer is our personal relationship with God. We would do well to learn how to pray from Tobit and Sarah. In the words of St Augustine, "The Prayer ascends, and God’s Mercy descends."

The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible online version taken from the USCCB website: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/tobit/3.

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Show Notes

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you, like Tobit, consider yourself spiritually or morally disobedient? What is the spiritual vaue for doing so?

  2. Have you ever been falsely accused before? How serious was the accusation? What did you do about them?

  3. What is Jesus' teaching about dealing with anger and revenge? (cf. Mt 5:21-24, 38-48)

  4. How might imitating Tobit and Sarah's approach to prayer help you pray in your difficulties?

References made in this episode

Bible Verses ( in the order of citation)

  1. Psalms 119:130

  2. Rom 11:25-26

  3. Lk 4:13

  4. Gen 32:22-31

  5. Jn 8:1-11

  6. 1Jn 4:19

  7. Eph 3:20

Catechism of the Catholic Church

  1. CCC 2281-82 Why should Christians pray for the soul of one who committed suicide?

Other Resource/Adaptation Links

  1. Word Economic Forum 2019

  2. Msgr Philip Heng on Catholic News

  3. Bede, Allegorica interpretatio in Tobiam PL 91.926B

  4. Bede, Allegorica interpretatio in Tobiam PL 91.926C

  5. God's Remedy

  6. Augustine of Hippo, Sermon 226, on the Blessed Tobias

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