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"My friends are from Perth, India, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Sacramento & Seattle. Those in Perth usually meet on Thursdays for tea & fellowship, I join them via video calls at times.

Monica will play the recordings I send. Cynthia's husband is not a Catholic, the last recording when he listened he seems to show interest, she texted me : Angel you are God's instrument to me with "Saved by Grace."

Many were inspired -- though you were not a Catholic -- God still cared for you as his sheep in the wilderness. In fact ... it was an eye opener to me -- God chooses to care for us & the final product is what you are doing to inspire & spread His goodness."

Angela S.
, Singapore

"Wow... well done!"

Andrea L., Singapore

"Thank you, I ve finally had a chance to listen to first 3 episodes ... really nice and inspirational :)"

Ivan K., Croatia

"First time I'm listening to your podcast. Wow ... you've got such a calm soothing voice - comforting to listen to your sharing. Thanks for using your gift to glorify God! Pray that your work leads more to Him, that more will come to know Him and acknowledge His omniscience and omnipotence! 🙏"

Rebecca H., Singapore

"Keep the faith 💪🙏"

Ernest H., Malaysia

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