S01 E07 Faith of Community - Do Intecessions Work?


In this episode, my reflection takes me back to my College Days in Canada. In fact, it picks up from after my car accident on the bridge (Ep.4 "Saved by Grace"). This reflection made the difference for me in taking the Leap of Faith in my discernment - years later ,,, to be or not to be baptised. The reflection is based on Mk 2:1-12 using the prayer of Lectio Divina.

Grace for the Reading: Faith and the Interecession of Community

Key Takeaways

  1. Intercession is the act of interceding. And to intercede is to Intervene or to Mediate. Since the Act of Interceding involves more than 1 party, so implicitly, Intercession implies the involvement of a Community.

  2. As it is written in Gen 2:18, our Faith is not meant to be lived alone, but to be lived out in our Community. God created us to need others and to live in community. It is important to build up the Community we are in, in order to live out the fullness of our Christian Life – by planting and sowing seeds to draw others closer to God, by setting examples for our children and for people of our responsibility, by building up Fellowship to encourage and spur each other on in our Conversion, our Formation, and our continued Transformation to Love and Good Works.

  3. Jesus Himself, the Holy Spirit, and all the Saints always intercede for us to our Heavenly Father.

  4. The wedding at Cana shows that Mother Mary always intercedes for us ... and Jesus listens to her.

Show Notes

Reflection Questions

  1. How do you live out your faith in your community?

  2. How can you intercede for your neighbour who are the underpriviledged, the marginalised, the sick, and the old in your community?

  3. Do you participate in any fellowship - Bible study, Bible sharing, Pray & Worship, etc.?

  4. How well so you know your neighbour?

References made in this episode

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