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"Awesome stuff bro! Very clean and easy to eat like fine dining."

Colin C., Singapore

"... just listened to all your episodes of your podcast so far, its really really insightful ☺️ It actually helped clarify my own queries about the faith and bible through your podcast ...

I was initially very confused and also like felt pressured when I heard St Paul wanted us to be saints and I thought only canonized saints were considered saints and others were all not doing God's work but when I heard your first episode it was like a moment of epiphany for me ... Also I really loved the reflection drawn on how little we think of Jesus as compared to how much you thought of your dog when he was in surgery. When I thought about it I realised how little I prioritise Jesus and how imbalanced our relationship is because I'm so self centred and always taking from Jesus but never giving anything back.

I do recommend this podcast even to young teens because I feel that there is a fine balance between gaining spiritual knowledge from accredited sources but also in a more palatable manner as it comes from an individual that has lived through both sides of the faith."

Gloria DS.,

"... just wanted to give a thumbs up for all 4 episodes of your podcast! I find it very authentic and sincere, not to mention I salute you for the effort put in for the Bible references! Thanks for making it so 'easy listening' πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™"

Sharon C., Singapore

"Loved the podcast. Looking forward to the next one :)"

Celine K., Singapore

"I listened to the second episode of your Podcast yesterday. It is very well done - easy and pleasant to listen to, different from other reflections I have listened to. Your reflections using Lectio Divina is inspiring and a very good example for your listeners to emulate. Thank you for your testimony. What an encouragement for us. I have enjoyed and benefited from your Setting Apart Podcast. May God continue to journey with you in your work. Best wishes."

Frank W., Singapore

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