S02 E01 Introduction


Welcome back to Season 2! In this episode, I share the new structure and rationale for the Season 2, and some of things I do to get the most out of listening to the Word of God. As a bonus, I also get to share a heartwarming conversion testimony from a listener -- Praise the Lord!

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Show Notes

Reflection Questions

  1. Recall that in Bethlehem, on the night when Jesus was born, there was no room available for Jesus and the Holy Family. And so, today, are we making room for Jesus in our heart?

  2. What would you do differently this Season, to get to know Jesus better?

  3. Do we faithfully keep Jesus in our heart?

  4. When was the last time you had a nudge from the Holy Spirit? And what did you do with it?

  5. Are you making an effort to hearing God's Word for you?

  6. Are you making an effort in making a conversation with Jesus?

  7. Have you fully surrender your Self to Him?

References made in this episode

Bible Verses ( in the order of citation)

  1. Isaiah 55:8-9

  2. John 3:30

  3. Mathew 11:15

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