S02 E09 Christian Virtue 101 (Tobit Ch.7)


The Book of Tobit, Chapter 7 reveals yet another virtuous man -- Raguel. What are his virtues? What purpose do the virtues serve? What message is Scripture revealing to us? In this episode, I take a closer look at Virtue, and reflect on it from a Christian perspective.

The Bible I am reading from is the New American Bible online version taken from the USCCB website: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/tobit/7. For the Book of Tobit, I also refer to the online version of Douay-Rheims Bible – which is a translation from the Latin Vulgate, while the NAB is translated from the Septuagint or the Greek version.

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Show Notes

Reflection Questions

  1. What is a virtue?

  2. What is Scripture and the Church revealing to us?

  3. What is a moral virtue accorfing to St Thomas Aquinas?

  4. What are the 4 Cardinal Virtues?

References made in this episode

Bible Verses ( in the order of citation)

  1. Psalms 119:130

  2. TB 7:7; 7:9-11; 7:17

  3. Wis 8:7

  4. Pr 14:15

  5. Lev 19:15

  6. Jn 16:33

  7. Si 5:2

Catechism of the Catholic Church

  1. CCC #1803 -- 1809

Other Resource/Adaptation Links

  1. St. Thomas Aquinas, The Summa Theologica, 2nd Revised Edition, 1920, trans. Fathers of the English Dominican Province, http://www.newadvent.org/summa/, II-II, 80, 1

  2. Ambrose of Milan, On the Duties of the Clergy 3.16 NPNF s.2 v.10

  3. St Augustine, De moribus eccl. 1, 25, 46:PL 32, 1330-1331

  4. Paez, A., Virtue of Religion

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